Gluten-Free Italian Resturant Eating

People with gluten intolerance problems have it rough, no question. Whether it be an allergy or Celiac disease, finding food to eat on a day to day basis can be challenging. But there is nothing worse than trying to go out somewhere for a night on the town, and not being able to find a place that will suit your needs. Well, there is hope! Take a look at this article to find a few ways to make eating out at an Italian place a little easier for your gluten-free needs!

Change your pasta, or bring your own

Pasta has gluten in it, unfortunately, which makes going to an Italian restaurant difficult.  But there are many different options for replacing your pasta.

First and foremost, you can ask the chef if he has gluten free pastas available. If he does, you are in business! Many restaurants now are recognising the growing amount of people with gluten intolerance problems, and are trying to make life a little easier for you.

However, if the chef doesn't have gluten free pasta available, you can ask if you can bring your own pasta and have him prepare it. Most chefs take gluten issues very seriously and will be happy to cook your own dried noodles for you, if you give them a heads-up in advance.

Pizza dough

Pizza dough is a little trickier for those who need a gluten free diet. While gluten-free pasta has become more main-stream, gluten-free pizzas are a little harder to come by. Again, first off, ask whether they can accommodate you and your issue, or whether they can suggest something else that can be used as the pizza base that is gluten-free.


Gelato is one of the best things for a person with gluten intolerance issues, as it is naturally gluten-free. There is nothing to do here, except get a big bowl and enjoy it. So you now know, if all else fails, you have a reason to eat dessert before dinner.

There you have it, a quick overview of what you can do to fully enjoy an Italian restaurant when you have a gluten intolerance. Of course, if you have any direct questions, be sure to contact Italian restaurants in Fort McMurray and get the full scoop from them as to what you can and can't have. With gluten intolerance, it's always better to be safe than sorry.