Create Homemade Milkshakes At Your Diner

If you are planning to open an old fashioned diner and one of the items that are going to be featured on your menu is a homemade milkshake that is made with fresh ingredients, a commercial milkshake machine will help you create milkshakes in an efficient manner. Before opening day, practice making several types of milkshakes that you would like to be permanent additions to your diner's menu.

Purchase A Stainless Steel Machine With Multiple Spindles

Purchase a commercial grade milkshake machine, such as from DSL Northwest, Inc., that is constructed of stainless steel. Choose a machine that contains multiple spindles so that you can create several milkshakes at the same time. Make sure that the model that you purchase contains components that can easily be removed and placed inside of a dishwasher so that you can sanitize the machine and accessories at the end of each day.

After buying the machine, read the owner's manual and look at diagrams in it to familiarize yourself with the milkshake machine. Refer to the diagrams as you attempt to locate specific parts on the model that you purchased.

Use Homemade Ice Cream, Fresh Fruit, And Nuts

Instead of purchasing store bought ice cream, purchase an ice cream maker so that you can make fresh, creamy ice cream inside of your diner. As long as batches of ice cream are made a few times each week, you will have plenty on hand to create milkshakes on the spot.

If you would like to use traditional flavors for the milkshakes, including vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, think of ways to enhance the flavors so that they are amplified and distinct. Perhaps, you could add some spices, fresh fruit slices, or cocoa beans to the canisters that are used to hold the ingredients that are being blended.

After adding one of the special ingredients, add ice cream, milk, and any other ingredients you have decided upon to create the milkshakes. Taste each finished creation and make adjustments to the ingredients until you are thoroughly pleased with the end results.

Order Customized Cups And Offer Toppings

To help market the milkshakes, order customized cups to serve the beverages in. If you are going to allow your patrons to order milkshakes from your diner in advance and pick them up, rather than drinking them in the diner, purchase cups that have matching lids.

Offer several basic toppings for the milkshakes, including whipped cream, almond slivers, or mini chocolate chips so that your customers can pick one or more of them if they prefer to.