Make A Family Night Out By Visiting Your Favorite Pizzeria

After working all week and shuttling your children around from place-to-place, you may be envisioning nothing more than stopping by your favorite pizzeria and ordering some customized pies for yourself and your family members to indulge in. During your family dinner, inquire further about what each of your loved ones has been up to and share some of your personal accounts with them. 

Find A Prime Spot To Sit And Go Over The Menu

If you prefer a private area to eat in, call the restaurant to determine if reservations need to be made. Otherwise, try to show up at the restaurant prior to the dinner rush so that you and your children can select where to sit down.

Ask your waiter or waitress for menus and tell your children that you will allow them to customize one or more of the pizzas. If you have several children and would only like to order a couple of pizzas, then tell your kids that they can each customize a portion of a pizza. 

Order Some New Toppings And Dipping Sauces

If you enjoy experimenting with food combinations on occasion and have always been intrigued by some of the toppings that you haven't eaten in the past, take this opportunity to customize one of the pizzas with the unfamiliar toppings. To enhance the flavorings that you have chosen to add to one of the pies, order some dipping sauces.

Tangy barbecue or spicy pepper sauce may heighten your and your children's enjoyment during the dining experience. Encourage your children to try some of the new toppings and sauces. If any of them are preferred, make a mental note to order these items during your next family dinner at the pizzeria. 

Enjoy Your Meal And Bring The Leftovers Home

Because you and your children are often busy during the week, don't put pressure on yourself or the others to rush through the dining experience. In fact, try to make the dinner last as long as possible so that you and your loved ones can fully enjoy being around one another.

Ask some questions about your children's activities to get the ball moving. After each child has filled you in on what they have been dealing with, take the time to share some lighthearted moments that you experienced while you were at work or during occasions when your children were not present. After you and your children have had your fill and are ready to head home, request a box to store any leftovers in. 

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