A Guide For The Wing Connoisseur

If you're trying to enjoy some football on Sundays, big fights over the weekend, or just want to enjoy some delicious food for the sake of it, you can't go wrong with a nice, big plate of wings. Chicken wings are a favorite of a lot of people because they are so versatile and flavorful. To learn a bit more about some of the wing options you can enjoy, keep reading. 

Consider the various types of wing styles and flavors

The first thing you need to know is that there are plenty of different wing styles you can choose. You can decide on bone-in or bone-out wings, drums or flats, whole wings, and more. Today, you can even get it vegan style with buffalo cauliflower "wings" of various flavors. 

Since there are a number of wing styles and types, you should think about what sort of flavors you'd like. Buffalo or hot wings are the most common type that people get. They can be made in varying degrees of heat, depending on your sensibilities. Keep in mind that the amount of heat one can stand is often part of the challenge for wing establishments, so try the hottest varieties at your own risk. 

There are also a number of other flavors you might love, to include mild, Parmesan garlic, honey BBQ, teriyaki, lemon pepper, and jerk-flavored wings. When you order your wings, they may be prepared oven-fried without breading, or deep-fried crispy with sauce. 

You'll want to look into different dipping sauces as well. People commonly use ranch or blue cheese dressing to add a nice accent in flavor for spicier and more savory varieties of wings. 

Add some delicious sides to go with your wings

It's also important that you look into the different types of side items that will be great with your wings. French fries, waffle fries, and sweet potato fries are all go-to items. Many people also get cheese fries with bacon and ranch. 

Since wings are a staple item at bars, consider the types of beer you might want to drink to go along with your wings. You can't go wrong with a nice lager and some onion rings to accompany your chicken wings. Another great thing about wing establishments is that there are often specials. 

Check into Wing Tuesdays or other promotions so you can get plenty of food at a great price. 

Think of these tips the next time you're craving wings.