2 Pizza Party Planning Tips for Your Next Event

Pizza is a popular food today, largely due to the fact of its high amount of seasonings combined with warm bread and gooey cheese. In addition to its popularity, pizza also provides a good variety of nutrition with its full variety of ingredients: grains, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. So to add pizza to your next party or gathering, you are setting yourself up for a good chance of success. However, you must plan all the details surrounding your pizza party to make sure the event does not just include this delicious food but is a well-rounded all-encompassing activity. Here are some tips for planning your next big pizza party celebration.

1. Find a Great Location

Before you can make any of the final plans for your pizza party, you need to find and select a good location to hold the event. Instead of hauling everything for the event including the food, to your own residence, you should consider holding the event at a local pizza parlor or restaurant. A restaurant will be able to provide a great deal of the food and eating supplies and can help you set up and provide wait services for your guests. 

Look at the pizza menu of your local pizza restaurant to see what types of pizzas they offer to make and if they can include a buffet-style setup for your event. With a buffet, you can select a good variety of different pizzas for your guests' tastes. This can include a taco pizza, dessert pizza, Alfredo-style pizza, and even a buffalo chicken pizza. If you want to have the restaurant provide sides for the meal, they can include breadsticks, salads, buffalo wings, and soft drinks. 

2. Plan for Meal Additions

If you are planning to hold the pizza party at a local pizza restaurant, be sure to ask the restaurant if it is okay for you to bring in any additional supplies and foods for your event. For example, you might want to bring in a cake, ice cream, or any other special sides that you guests might like, get permission first.

Find out with your guests if there are any special dietary needs so you can plan to accommodate some food items. For example, if anyone attending is gluten-intolerant, or is avoiding grains, be sure you order from the restaurant or arrange to bring any specialty foods. This will make sure that everyone attending has a great time and your pizza restaurant is ready with the needed foods and supplies.

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