Why Purchase A Used Bakery Mixer?

As a baker, you're up before dawn preparing all your baked goods for the morning's first customers. The right equipment is essential for the job. It's impossible to meet the demands of a busy bakery without the correct appliances. However, that doesn't mean you need to pay a lot of money on brand new equipment. Pre-owned bakery appliances are often in excellent condition, and they can serve your needs well. Here are four reasons you should buy a used bakery mixer:

1. Streamline your baking process.

Baking mixers can streamline your baking process, especially if you own more than one. When you have two or more bakery mixers at your disposal, you'll be able to work on several doughs at once. Let one dough rest while kneading another, or use one mixer to create a beautiful meringue to top your pastries. This will allow you to speed up your entire workflow so that you can get through your daily tasks faster.

2. Create larger batches of baked goods.

Bakery mixers can hold several quarts of ingredients. This large capacity is useful for anyone who needs to serve big crowds. When you have a high capacity mixer, you can cut down on the number of batches you need to make. Create more pastries and loaves of bread with less labor. Excess dough can be chilled or frozen until it's needed. A used bakery mixer can help you work in a smarter, more efficient way that will allow you to waste less time.

3. Save money on your investment.

Since they've been previously owned, used bakery mixers are discounted from their full retail price. If you're on a tight budget or simply looking to make smart purchases, you can't go wrong with a used bakery mixer. Commercial mixers are often designed with long-term use in mind, so a used machine will serve you just as well as a brand new one.

4. Avoid consumer-grade products.

Stand mixers made for home use are adequate for the average person's baking needs. However, bakeries rely heavily on their mixers. It's not uncommon for a baker to use their mixer all day. Home appliances aren't designed to stand up to this high volume of use. They're likely to wear out and break quickly, which means they'll need to be replaced, since home appliances aren't typically built to be repaired. Purchasing a used bakery mixer means you'll have access to a commercial-grade mixer that can handle your workload.