5 Ways to Enjoy a Perfect Italian Pizza

If you want to enjoy a perfect Italian pizza, you have to plan each step of the pizza-making process.

Way #1: Reduce the Yeast

When most people make their own pizza, they add the entire package of yeast to the mix. You don't want to put in the entire packet of yeast. Adding the entire packet of yeast will result in a dough that smells and tastes like yeast. Instead, only use part of the package when you create your dough, and your pizza will taste a lot better.

Way #2: Keep the Salt & Yeast Separate

Sometimes, you will see a recipe that tells you to mix the yeast and the salt together. Do not add the salt right away. Instead, you want to add the yeast to the flour with water. Knead the dough, and then add the salt. That way, the yeast will have fully mixed with the flour, and the salt will add the extra flavor that it was intended to.

Way #3: Wait to Add the Olive Oil

If your recipe calls for olive oil, don't add it early in the process. If you add the olive oil with all the other ingredients, the flour is not going to properly absorb the yeast. This will cause the dough to struggle to rise. Wait to add the olive oil until the dough is complete; the olive oil should be the last thing you should add to the dough. This will allow the dough to form properly and will give your pizza the best taste.

Way #4: Allow the Dough to Sit

Most people make pizza dough, roll it out, add their ingredients, and pop it right into the oven. Instead, you should allow the dough to sit for at least a few hours, although ideally, you would allow the dough to sit for at least twenty-four hours. Allowing the dough to sit for twenty-four hours after you make it will allow the dough to develop a better aroma.

Way #5: Cook It Hot

To get the best pizza, you are going to want to cook it in a real wood stove. A wood stove is incredibly hot and allows it to cook quickly and efficiently, bringing out the best possible taste.

If you don't have a real wood stove, turn your oven up to the highest setting and allow it to fully preheat before putting your pizza in to cook.

If you want to enjoy the most authentic Italian pizza possible, go to a local Italian pizzeria, and enjoy a hand-crafted pizza cooked in a hot stone oven that will taste simply amazing. Try searching for an authentic Italian restaurant in your area to get a taste for genuine Italian pizza.