Visiting Canada? Try These Popular Food Dishes

Whether you're a resident of Canada or you're planning to visit, this country has lots of delicious and interesting food fare to try. Before you head out to a restaurant there, be sure you know about some of their delectable dishes that have long been a staple to those who know them. It's your chance to test your taste buds and try something completely different. Here are some of Canada's most well-loved and popular foods that you need to try.

Sweet Butter Tarts

This delicious sweet dessert is 100% authentic Canadian. The dish is made of pastry shells with a consistency like shortbread. They are made with eggs, butter, sugar, and syrup to give them a rich and decadent consistency and flavor. Once used by hunters as a food staple, today's modern version adds other ingredients like raisins and pecans to make them even more tasty.

Beaver Tails

This is a newer Canadian favorite, but its sweetness has made it a staple of the Canadian diet. Hand stretched pastry is shaped to look just like a beaver tail, which gives it a novelty like no other. Then, the pastry is fried and topped with amazing toppings like berries and whipped cream. If you're in Canada, a sweet beaver tail is definitely something worth trying!

Fish & Brewis

Fish is definitely a popular choice among Canadians, and this dish is definitely unique. It combines salted cod with a hard bread that is soaked in water overnight. Then, fried pieces of salted pork are added to the dish to give it an even richer, more savory flavor. While it's not for everyone, fans of salty goodness who enjoy fish will absolutely love this savory option.

Canadian Bacon

Americans love their bacon. In Canada, they have their own version that is still just as salty, but it is definitely different. This type of bacon is cut from a lean piece of boneless pork loin. It is brined in salt and then rolled in cornmeal and sliced thin. The bacon has a round shape rather than being served in strips, making it the perfect sandwich topper or breakfast side dish.

Figgy Duff Pudding

Another popular Canadian dessert, this sweet delight has several different variations. The most popular option is a pudding made of flour, sugar, butter, raisins, and molasses. When it's cooked, it resembles a thick pudding that is a popular dessert choice. Raisins can be substituted with nuts or other fruits, depending on who makes it and how you prefer to eat it but any way you slice it, this unusual dessert is certainly sweet.

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