Three Reasons To Order A Flight Of Beer

Visiting a brewery in your area with a group of friends presents you with all sorts of enticing drink options. While some people order a glass of their favorite beer, another option is to order a flight of beer. A flight of beer features a number of small servings of different beer types, typically presented on a stylish wooden stand or tray. The brewery will likely have some specific flights you can order, but you may also have the option to customize your flight with a few beers of your choice. Read More 

Unique Food Ideas For Your Next Catered Event

If you are trying to plan a catered event but feel stuck, you are not alone. Many people feel as if they have already tried everything, as if they are out of options. This doesn't have to be the case. In fact, there are plenty of unique ideas you can bring to your next catered event. These are just a few options you might consider as part of your next event's catering service. Read More