3 Must Try Authentic Dishes From China

In addition to being a dense country, China is also an expansive one. From the west to the east, to the north to the south, you will run into a variety of different cultures. One of the facets of these cultures is their food. No matter where you are in China, you will be made subject to a wide range of delicious meals. Here are few must try regional dishes from all over China.

Longjin Xiaren

There are two foods that the Zhejiang region is known food: its rice and its shrimp. The logical cuisine related conclusion of having these two foods at your fingertips is combining them. This simple, yet filling dish, basically translates to "dragon well tea shrimp," due to the fact that the shrimp and rice are smothered in a green tea sauce that is generally constructed from the West Lake's absolute best tea. This dish is not only known for its tangy taste, but also for its elegant presentation.

Da Pan Ji

Da pan ji is often times romanized as "big plate chicken." It's not just a clever name – the serving size of this Uygur dish is massive. The Uygur people are known for this hospitality and it shows in this dish. Not only is this dish massive, it is also very filling. This hearty dish, which not only consists of chicken, but red pepper, peanuts and fried rice, is typically covered from one end to the other with a thick, red sauce that is not dissimilar to the kind you would find adorning General Tso's chicken.

Tie Bobo Ao Xiaoyu

The Tianjin region is known for containing a number of harbor cities and for being quite working class. This comes off in its cuisine, which is often referred to as Chinese comfort food. Tie bobo ao xiaoyu is a dish that that contains entire poached fish – meaning head to tail – as well as baked corn bread. The bread tends to absorb the umami flavor from the sizzling broth, giving the entirety of the dish a very strong and unique flavor. It is also very filling. The poached fish are often topped with diced vegetables, namely carrot and celery.

This guide should have given you some idea of just three authentic Chinese dishes to try whether you're in China or in a restaurant like Hung Fatt Chinese Takeout that specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine.