Three Things That You’ll Enjoy About Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit might be known more for its ties to the automotive industry than its pizza, but a New York slice and a Chicago deep dish aren't the only pizzas that you should try if you're passionate about this type of food. Whether you're planning a trip to the Motor City or you've found a pizza restaurant in your community that sells Detroit-style pies, this is a type of pizza that may not yet have national recognition, but is something that might immediately appeal to you. Here are three things that may surprise you about Detroit-style pizza, and that you'll definitely enjoy.

Its Crust

You might not automatically think of the crust when you're evaluating different parts of a pizza to enjoy, but that might be because you've eaten too much pizza that has a cardboard-like crust. With Detroit-style pizza, its crust is one of its key attractions. Cooked in rectangular pans, this style of pizza has a thick crust. The real appeal, however is its crunch. The caramelized edges of the Detroit-style pizza crust offer a crispy texture that nicely contrasts the gooey nature of the cheese and toppings on the crust. If you decide that you'll bite into the buttery, golden crust with your first bite, no one will doubt you.

The Simple Toppings

Although you can find Detroit-style pizza restaurants that offer pies with unique toppings, you'll commonly find that traditional Detroit pies keep things on the simpler side — and use high-quality ingredients that can effectively stand on their own. Spicy pepperoni and sausage, tangy tomato sauce, and crunchy green peppers are common fixtures on Detroit-style pizzas. While you might favor a selection of other toppings, honor the heritage of this pizza by making sure to order a traditionally topped pie. Doing so will give you a real taste of how this regional specialty should taste.

Ease Of Eating

Certain types of pizza can be tough to eat, especially when you're on the go. Most people don't dare try to eat a Chicago deep dish unless they're sitting down to do so, while other pizzas with many toppings can also be difficult to negotiate by hand. One of the things that you'll enjoy about Detroit-style pizza is that the crispiness of the crust provides a firm quality, and the moderate but not overdone amount of the toppings means that you can easily grab a couple slices if you're on the go.