Skip The Steakhouse: How To Choose A Restaurant If Your Boyfriend Is A Vegan

Picking out a good restaurant is always an issue, but it can be especially problematic if your boyfriend happens to be a vegan. So, while you might be down for a steak or something from the meat side of the menu, you have to be considerate and choose something that will appeal to his diet. A vegetarian restaurant is one thing, but if your boyfriend is a vegan, that can be even more challenging. You will have to pick a restaurant that will offer things that don't have cheese or eggs with a dish. Luckily, there are plenty of cuisines that you can opt for and this handy guide below is going to give you a few ideas to consider.  

An Italian Restaurant

While there are lots of great dishes you can enjoy (Neapolitan style pizza, chicken Milanese, or shrimp scampi) there are also lots of offerings that your vegan boyfriend can choose from at Italian restaurants. He might like an eggplant dish (just ask the waiter to skip the mozzarella) or a risotto dish such as a pumpkin or mushroom risotto. If he is going to order a risotto, he can make sure to ask the chef to leave out the cheese, which is normally added to the rice right at the end. Then of course there are pasta dishes that will have just marina sauce, olive oil, red pepper, and vegetables. Your boyfriend might opt for a classic olive oil based sauce, or something such as arrabiata which is the aforementioned pasta sauce that is red sauce with hot pepper flakes.

Some pizza restaurants even offer pizzas that have only red sauce and vegetables. These focus on the rich flavor of the red sauce and the flavor of the fresh olive oil. For dessert, you can get something such as tiramisu or zabaglione, and your boyfriend can get a classic such as an Italian Ice, which is made of shaved ice and a flavored syrup.

An Indian Restaurant

Another great option is to check out a local Indian restaurant. These are good choices because there are many Indians who are vegetarians for religious reasons, and therefore there are many entrees that don't contain meat. And while some of them do contain cheese or cream, there are quite a lot that don't. You can get basmati rice and a vegetable curry or a chickpea dish such as chana masala that will be perfectly acceptable for your boyfriend. There are also cool appetizers such as samosas (which are like dumplings) and flat breads that you can get and eat with chutneys.