How To Be Your Pizza Delivery Driver’s Favorite Customer

If you're like most people, you order delivery pizza now and then when you don't feel like cooking. Surely, you're thankful when your driver brings that warm, cheesy pizza to your door. But have you ever thought about how you can make that delivery driver's job easier? There are a few really simple things you can do to quickly become one of their favorite customers.

Be ready when they arrive.

Especially when it's rainy or cold outside, your driver won't want to stand at the door for five minutes while you put on your pants and make your way to the door! So make sure you're dressed and ready for their arrival. Stay where you can hear the doorbell so you can make it to the door quickly when they ring. If you've ordered a lot of pizza — more than you think you'll be able to grab yourself — make sure someone else is also waiting at the door to grab some of the pizza so you don't have to go back and forth.

Tip in cash.

Some pizza restaurants now give customers the option to tip over the phone or in their app. This is perfectly okay, but if you want to be your pizza delivery driver's favorite customer, tip them in cash. This way, they get the money immediately. If you were to tip through an app, they won't generally see the tip money until they get their paycheck, which could be a whole two weeks from now!

Check the pizza before they leave.

While your pizza delivery driver is still standing there, open the pizza just to check and make sure you got the right thing. Sometimes pizza restaurants do make errors, and it's easier for the driver if you notice and bring it up right then and there. If they drive away and then you notice you have the wrong pizza order, then they'll have to drive all the way back to your house to retrieve the pizza. And if it was another customer's pizza, they won't be able to deliver it after you've had it in your possession. If you open it in front of them and discover it's the wrong one, they can still take that pizza on to the correct customer and fetch yours — which might just be waiting in the car.

If you take the simple steps above, you'll become one of your delivery driver's favorite customers. And it's always nice to receive your pizza with an extra smile!

For more information, contact a local pizza delivery service.