Tips For Holding An Event In A Waterfront Seafood Restaurant

If you're looking for a casually elegant venue to hold your next special event in, consider a waterfront seafood restaurant. Not only will it offer great views, but guests will also get to enjoy fresh seafood for either lunch or dinner, making it an affair they won't soon forget.

When choosing the perfect seafood eatery, consider whether you want to stay local or are willing to travel to a particular destination. For instance, you may have to drive a bit if you'd like a restaurant on the ocean or on a particular lake or river. 

If you're holding a special event during a busy time of year, such as the warm summer months or the holiday season, book your space as far out as possible. You may even have to be flexible with the date in some cases. 

Waterfront seafood restaurants make the ideal backdrop for a wide range of occasions, including birthday parties, holiday celebrations, family reunions, bridal or baby showers, anniversary and graduation soirees, and even wedding receptions. No matter how fancy or laid-back your event is, there is an appropriate type of eatery from which to choose.

Here are some additional tips for holding a party at a waterfront seafood restaurant:

1. Choose an Indoor or Outdoor Space 

When picking your ideal restaurant space, consider whether you want to hold the event indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both. Some eateries offer flexible event options, and if you have a large guest list, you may even be able to reserve the entire restaurant for the day or night. 

If you're holding the event outdoors only, consider renting a tent in case of inclement weather. If the restaurant includes beach space, you may be able to put the tent up on the sand for a true waterfront experience. 

2. Decide on a Menu

After you've booked your restaurant for the event, it's time to decide on a menu. Some eateries offer prix fixe menus for large groups, and it may even save you money. If you go that route, pick a few different options, including vegetarian and non-seafood dishes, to cater to all of your guests' dietary preferences and concerns. 

As another option, you can just have guests order off of the regular menu, including drinks. If you need a birthday cake or another type of specific dessert, you may need to bring it in yourself or have a bakery caterer it for you.