Simple, Authentic Italian Dishes Worth Trying

Italian cuisine is about simplicity. Instead of using a long list of complex ingredients, most traditional Italian recipes only call for a few ingredients. It's the quality of those ingredients and the way they pair together that really makes the dish. So, what simple, authentic Italian dishes are most worth trying? Here are a few.

Pizza Margherita

If you're used to pizzas with five different toppings and enough cheese for a crowd, then take a step back and try this simple, authentic version. Pizza Margherita is made with a thin, crunchy pizza crust and baked in a wood-fired oven. The only toppings are fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. If you want to be really technical, authentic Pizza Margherita is made specifically with Buffalo mozzarella. The combination of these ingredients is lovely and balanced. Most pizzas are made to be enjoyed by one person, which is good news since you'll struggle to put this one down.


Polenta is basically cooked corn porridge. It may not sound very exciting at first, but when made in the authentic Italian way, it is incredibly comforting. Polenta is often made with stock, which gives it both flavor and a silky texture. It's cooked just until it has a mash-like consistency, but not so much that it sticks or becomes gooey. The dish is then topped with some olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and sometimes a little pesto. It's a satisfying side dish or the perfect lunch.


Foccacia is an Italian flatbread. It is made with plenty of olive oil. A good Foccacia should basically ooze olive oil when you squeeze it a little. This is what makes it so addictively delicious. The rosemary and garlic used on top of it help, too. You can enjoy Foccacia dipped in sauce or alongside some soup, but it's also incredible all on its own. 

Frito Miso

Frito Miso is a popular dish served in coastal areas of Italy. It's an assortment of seafood, all tossed in a light batter and fried. As it comes out of the fryer, the Frito Miso is topped with a sprinkle of sea salt and lemon juice. These ingredients enhance the flavor of the seafood rather than hiding it.

If you want to explore and enjoy the simplicity of authentic Italian food, look for the dishes above. You won't be disappointed. Italian cuisine has a history of using the best ingredients and using them well.

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