What Makes Bars Great?

Bars are a staple destination in most places, and you probably have a lot of memories at your local bar. Many people visit a bar for the first time when they turn 21 and then continue to frequent them to hang out with friends, unwind after work, watch a sports game, etc.  They Give You a Place to Go One of the best things about bars is they give you a place to go when you don't have any other plans. Read More 

Why Pizza May Be The Perfect Meal Choice For You And Your Group

If you want to enjoy a good meal with your family, friends, or coworkers, pizza can be an excellent choice. You'll likely have no trouble finding a local restaurant that serves delicious pizza that everyone in your group will enjoy. Here are just some of the reasons why you should order a pizza at your next group activity. A Popular Food Choice Almost everyone enjoys a good slice of pizza at least once in a while, and your group will likely get excited if you suggest pizza as a meal. Read More 

Simple, Authentic Italian Dishes Worth Trying

Italian cuisine is about simplicity. Instead of using a long list of complex ingredients, most traditional Italian recipes only call for a few ingredients. It's the quality of those ingredients and the way they pair together that really makes the dish. So, what simple, authentic Italian dishes are most worth trying? Here are a few. Pizza Margherita If you're used to pizzas with five different toppings and enough cheese for a crowd, then take a step back and try this simple, authentic version. Read More 

Tips For Holding An Event In A Waterfront Seafood Restaurant

If you're looking for a casually elegant venue to hold your next special event in, consider a waterfront seafood restaurant. Not only will it offer great views, but guests will also get to enjoy fresh seafood for either lunch or dinner, making it an affair they won't soon forget. When choosing the perfect seafood eatery, consider whether you want to stay local or are willing to travel to a particular destination. Read More 

Three Reasons To Order A Flight Of Beer

Visiting a brewery in your area with a group of friends presents you with all sorts of enticing drink options. While some people order a glass of their favorite beer, another option is to order a flight of beer. A flight of beer features a number of small servings of different beer types, typically presented on a stylish wooden stand or tray. The brewery will likely have some specific flights you can order, but you may also have the option to customize your flight with a few beers of your choice. Read More