4 Classic Italian Dishes To Try

Italian food is a well-loved culinary treat for many. However, it can be tempting to stick to your same tried-and-true orders instead of branching out and trying new things. Here are four classic Italian dishes to try the next time you're at your local Italian restaurant: 1. Fettuccine Alfredo When most people think of Italian food, they immediately think of tomato sauce. While tomatoes lend a fresh and vibrant flavor to many Italian dishes, cream sauces offer a more mellow and rich flavor experience. Read More 

Skip The Steakhouse: How To Choose A Restaurant If Your Boyfriend Is A Vegan

Picking out a good restaurant is always an issue, but it can be especially problematic if your boyfriend happens to be a vegan. So, while you might be down for a steak or something from the meat side of the menu, you have to be considerate and choose something that will appeal to his diet. A vegetarian restaurant is one thing, but if your boyfriend is a vegan, that can be even more challenging. Read More 

Make A Family Night Out By Visiting Your Favorite Pizzeria

After working all week and shuttling your children around from place-to-place, you may be envisioning nothing more than stopping by your favorite pizzeria and ordering some customized pies for yourself and your family members to indulge in. During your family dinner, inquire further about what each of your loved ones has been up to and share some of your personal accounts with them.  Find A Prime Spot To Sit And Go Over The Menu Read More 

Create Homemade Milkshakes At Your Diner

If you are planning to open an old fashioned diner and one of the items that are going to be featured on your menu is a homemade milkshake that is made with fresh ingredients, a commercial milkshake machine will help you create milkshakes in an efficient manner. Before opening day, practice making several types of milkshakes that you would like to be permanent additions to your diner's menu. Purchase A Stainless Steel Machine With Multiple Spindles Read More 

Three Things That You’ll Enjoy About Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit might be known more for its ties to the automotive industry than its pizza, but a New York slice and a Chicago deep dish aren't the only pizzas that you should try if you're passionate about this type of food. Whether you're planning a trip to the Motor City or you've found a pizza restaurant in your community that sells Detroit-style pies, this is a type of pizza that may not yet have national recognition, but is something that might immediately appeal to you. Read More