Three Things That You’ll Enjoy About Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit might be known more for its ties to the automotive industry than its pizza, but a New York slice and a Chicago deep dish aren't the only pizzas that you should try if you're passionate about this type of food. Whether you're planning a trip to the Motor City or you've found a pizza restaurant in your community that sells Detroit-style pies, this is a type of pizza that may not yet have national recognition, but is something that might immediately appeal to you. Read More 

Want To Taste Some Great Pizza Pie? Where To Go And What To Know

If you are looking for a delicious piece of pizza and you are tired of what you get when you order from one of the chain stores, there are a few things that you want to consider doing. You want to find a classic Italian pizzeria in the area. This location may not deliver, but you will get food that is far different from the popular chains that deliver to your home, and that offer pizzas made in a short amount of time. Read More 

4 Things You Need To Know About Running A Sandwich Shop

So, you've decided to open up a sandwich shop as your business. It's actually a great business to operate, as many people opt for sandwiches as their go-to lunch choice, especially those who are on-the-go. However, this doesn't mean that it isn't going to require some effort and hard work on your part. With that being said, here are a few tips that will help you get started in getting your business off the ground and hopefully lead you to running a successful venture: Read More 

3 Must Try Authentic Dishes From China

In addition to being a dense country, China is also an expansive one. From the west to the east, to the north to the south, you will run into a variety of different cultures. One of the facets of these cultures is their food. No matter where you are in China, you will be made subject to a wide range of delicious meals. Here are few must try regional dishes from all over China. Read More 

A Winning Steak Recipe

One of the great pleasures in life is a really good steak. While they can be somewhat challenging to get right, once you have the proper temperature and technique down, you can create a truly incredible steak over and over again. Here's one recipe you can use to help cook some great steaks. 4 Canada AAA grade steaks, cut at least 4 centimeters thick extra virgin olive oil 30 grams of kosher salt 8 grams of dried basil 8 grams of fresh ground black pepper 1 dried bay leaf, broken up 5 grams of garlic powder 5 grams of onion powder 5 grams of dried thyme 5 grams of dried rosemary For best results, choose a steak cut that is known for its quality. Read More